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There have been many versions of Game Maker since its launch in 1999. Here are them listed.

v1.1 (November 1999)Edit

  • First public release of Game Maker
  • Introduction of GML

v1.2 (December 1999)Edit

  • Clipboard allowed copying and pasting of actions
  • Many preset variables added to GML
  • Scrolling backgrounds made possible
  • Sounds are pausable
  • Default game speed was 20

v1.2a (December 1999)Edit

  • Small improvements

v1.3 (December 1999)Edit

  • Large images are now possible

v1.4 (February 2000)Edit

  • Executables can now be made out of the editable files
  • Keyboard pressing is detectable in GML
  • Strings can be used in coding
  • Bug fixes

v2.0 (September 2000)Edit

  • First use of DirectX for sound
  • Part room visibility is easy to create
  • Highscores improved
  • Introduction of depth
  • Other small changes

v3.0 (Early 2001)Edit

  • First use of DirectX for drawing
  • Introduction of optional fullscreen mode
  • Introduction of compatibility with function keys to eg. show game help.
  • mp3 support
  • Splash screen support
  • Introduction of precise collision checking
  • Multiple alarms added
  • Arrays can now be 1D

v3.1 (Early 2001)Edit

  • Graphics engine redone using DirectX
  • Introduction of saving and loading
  • Simultaneous key presses are all recognised
  • GML is colour coded when written
  • Added GML commands
  • Other bug fixes

v3.2 (Early 2001)Edit

  • Extra options for backgrounds
  • Introduction of object parents
  • Introduction of object IDs
  • Bug fixes

v3.2b (Early 2001)Edit

  • Major bug fixes

v3.3 (April 2001)Edit

  • DirectX is now mandatory
  • Less resource consumption
  • Improved debugging

v4.0 (July 2001)Edit

  • Complete rewrite of Game Maker
  • Completely changed interface
  • Not backward compatible
  • Logo changed from blue to red (this is still standard)
  • Hundreds of other improvements and additions

v4.1 (December 2001)Edit

  • Multiplayer support added

v4.2 (April 2002)Edit

  • Much improved system stability

v4.3 (November 2002)Edit

  • Introduction of merging games
  • Improved message box design
  • Improved functionality of code boxes
  • Many other small additions and improvements

v5.0 (April 2003)Edit

  • Entire program gets an overhauled interface to much improve its look
  • Introduction of data file resources
  • Introduction of timelines
  • GML interpreter rewritten
  • Will not work in Windows 95
  • Many other improvements and additions

v5.1 (September 2003)Edit

  • Introduction of particle system
  • Ability to change resources quickly
  • Cannot read GM files made in 4.3 (a converter found on the website could change this)
  • In XP, GM would use the XP's skin.
  • Many other improvements and additions

v5.2 (December 2003)Edit

  • Improved room design form
  • Addition actions for things such as particle systems
  • Introduction of layered tiles
  • Many other improvements and additions

v5.3 (April 2004)Edit

  • Improved path editor (games made in 5.2 will no longer have working paths in 5.3)
  • Motion planning functionality
  • Extra collision items added, eg. collision_line
  • Constants can now be defined
  • Many other improvements and additions


  • Major bug fix of v5.3, where after a few hours of running, a GM game would crash

v6.0 (October 2004)Edit

  • Graphics engine rewrite, using Direct3D (improved graphics capability)
  • Alpha transparency faster and easier
  • Colour blending and rotating of sprites
  • Texture-mapped polygons possible
  • Ability to create games in full 3D
  • Registration system rewrite due to hacking
  • New editable file extension - .gm6, from the old .gmd
  • Many other improvements and additions

v6.1 (May 2005)Edit

  • Improved image editor
  • Much improved particle system
  • Simple explosion effects engine
  • Many other improvements and additions

v6.1a (July 2006)Edit

  • Improves a couple of aspects to make it easier for newcomers to learn how to use Game Maker.

v7.0 (February 2007)Edit

  • First release on YoYo Games
  • Extension system added
  • Softwrap registration system added
  • Approximately 1MB is added to each executable
  • Vista-supported
  • Version names have been changed from Unregistered and Registered to Lite and Pro respectively.

v8.0 (December 2009)Edit

  • New green icon instead of the old blue or red one
  • Muche improved imageeditor with full aphachannel support
  • Toturials inbuilt
  • Compatible with GM5 and forward

v8.1 (April 15 2011)Edit

  • No more Softwrap!
  • Changed room editor RIGHT mouse click priorities. Menu for normal, CTRL+RMB for delete
  • You can now RIGHT CLICK an object and EDIT it from within the Room Editor
  • You can now use the mouse wheel to ZOOM in/out in the Room editor.
  • Middle mouse button PANS around the room
  • A customisable background grid has been applied to the room editor.
  • The Image Editor has been updated to use the mouse wheel and middle button for better zooming and panning.
  • You can now PAN around inside the PATH editor using the middle mouse button.
  • You can now change the default background colour for rooms (when no ROOM background has been set)
  • You can now disable background room filling, so you can see the background GRID when no ROOM colour has been set
  • A new and improved NEWs system, bringing together news and tech tips from across the community.
  • New, more secure .EXE encryption.
  • New GML commands such as draw_self() and d3d_light_define_ambient.
  • Some custom YoYo extensions brought into the fold, such as os_type and os_device to aid multiplatform coding.
  • Better 2D and 3D support with a 24bit ZBuffer and faster rendering.

Improved code editor features include;

  • Faster rendering
  • Block TAB'ing
  • Better accented character support
  • Easier to use Code Completion support
  • Customisable background colours.

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