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Local variables belong to an instance. They can be used inside a piece of code.

The following are Built-In Vars:

  • x, y - x and y coordinates of the object instance
    • xstart, ystart and xprevious, yprevious - self-explaining
  • direction - facing (0=right, 90=up, 180=left, 270=down)
  • gravity and gravity_direction - set the strength and direction (0...360) of the applied gravity
  • image_
    • index
    • alpha, xscale, yscale - adjust the sprite
    • number, speed - sprite subimage number, animation speed
  • depth, persistent, solid, visible - set the according instance parameters
  • alarm[0...11] - set one of 12 available Alarms
  • variables for path and timeline management

To define your own variable new_x:

new_x = <value>;

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